How mentorship works

Pioneer Prize Mentors embrace the opportunity to help young people in the area develop high-value skills aligned with their interests and passion.

  • When they register as a potential Mentor, they provide information that will be published online for the entrants.
  • Entrants and mentors first connect either at a Pioneer Prize event or when an entrant reaches out via the Mentor Directory. Selection is by mutual consent.
  • Mentoring typically involves meeting regularly with entrants (e.g. once every 2-4 weeks).
  • Mentors support and guide, ask great questions and point toward helpful resources.
Qualities of a mentor
  • Relevant technical or domain expertise
  • Experience fostering discovery and growth
  • Positive and supportive attitude
  • Attuned to the needs of high schoolers
Code of Conduct

In order to protect the integrity of the contest, Mentors must agree to the following terms:

  1. This is a volunteer opportunity. Mentors may not accept any compensation for their efforts. Nor may mentors share in any prize winnings.
  2. Mentors may not contribute nonpublic code or other work product.
  3. Any intellectual property arising out of their work with an entrant shall be the property of the entrant.
  4. Mentors may work with multiple entrants but only with the express permission of each entrant.
  5. Meetings between mentors and entrants shall only take place in public spaces or online.

Interested In Being a Mentor?

We'd love to talk with you. Our young people deserve the best there is.