Mentors are people in the community who are volunteering to help support you in your project.

Each brings a different set of skills and experiences. As an entrant in the Pioneer Prize, you are invited to reach out to one or more for help. You can also get to know them face-to-face at one of our events.

Mentor Directory

Brian Hodgins

in Bangor

Software engineering, web development, hardware systems design (Computer Engineering)

Fun fact: I like to build stuff.


Colin Powell

in Castine

Web & database application design, python, golang, APIs, product design, leadership skills

Fun fact: I majored in English in college and taught myself Python and now work remotely as a software engineer for a San Francisco startup while living in Maine. I also love to bake sourdough bread, distance run, play ultimate and serve my community as a selectperson

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Corey Bouton

in Bucksport

Networking/Systems Admin

Fun fact: I’m CEO of Lobster Networks

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Daniel Pratt

in Bangor

Coding in general, especially in JavaScript, C# and Haskell. Fairly knowledgeable about databases and web applications.

Fun fact: I enjoy cooking so much that I made my own Arduino microprocessor controlled sous vide cooking device.

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Emma Mathis

in Sedgwick

Web development, HTML, CSS, Problem-solving

Fun fact: I have three baby goats who follow me around like puppies. website

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Eric Sabo

in Hampden/Brooklin

System Administration and generalized Infrastructure-related topics, Scripting Languages such as PHP/Perl/Powershell/Bash, AWS/Cloud Service Implementation

Fun fact: I’m an outdoorsman and a gear head - everything from hunting and fishing to forrestry, and both cars and motorcycles.

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Mark Lesser

in Surry

Game development (esp. design, UI and fun factor), simple program development (e.g. cellular automata), enthusiasm for new ideas.

Fun fact: Developed first digital hand-held game in the 70’s and have had time to embellish all the stories of that exciting time.

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Matt Jurick

in Blue Hill

I teach technology, industrial arts, and digital fabrication in Blue Hill.

Fun fact: I’ve been working as a technology director for nearly 10 years, yet my college degree was English and Theatre!

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Michelle Keyo

in Sedgwick

Websites, web design, enough JavaScript and PHP to troubleshoot and hack, excellent problem solving skills

Fun fact: I eloped in Iceland and once drilled half my hair off while wiring my house

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Mike Wolf

in Blue Hill

Web apps, phone apps, robots, drones, all things electronic, and most things that are not electronic

Fun fact: In my home office I’ve got four computers, two tablets, three smartphones, a keyboard, two electric guitars, a mixer, ChromeCast TV, Nintendo Wii, and other fun stuff.

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Nathan Rutenbeck

in Brooklin

Statistical programming, artificial intelligence, data science, scientific programming, startups

Fun fact: In addition to loving math, science, and programming, I also live on a farm and grow a lot of my own food, am crazy about all kinds of music, and run marathons

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Richard Whittlesey

in Blue Hill

Hardware and software interfacing, concept development assistance and development, guidance on software approachs

Fun fact: Self taught on older Fortran programming, some machine code development and assembly language, engineering background

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Scott Miller

in Blue Hill

All things software—active developer on several open source projects (mostly C++, C#), but also active in website development (HTML, CSS, PHP), Linux server/network management (BASH scripting) and Windows server/networking (PowerShell).

Fun fact: At any given time, at least 9 machines (some virtual!) are running in my home. And, I sailed single-handed across the Atlantic two and one-half times. Think about that.


Todd Gilmour

in Blue Hill, Maine & New York, NY

Visual Design, Content, Digital projects have been the core of my career at WSJ Custom Studios, Hearst Magazines and personal projects.

Fun fact: You can learn a lot about me by checking out my Instagram feed: studio5west

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