Mentors are people in the community who are volunteering to help support you in your project.

Each brings a different set of skills and experiences. As an entrant in the Pioneer Prize, you are invited to reach out to one or more for help.

Mentor Directory

Eli Baird

in Brooklin/Salt Lake City

Eli is a web programmer and software architect. His career has led to working with high profile clients such as Discovery Channel, Authentic Management, Southern Utah Advertising, and CHG Healthcare. These opportunities arise from his need to go above and beyond on every project that he takes on. He looks at every project as an opportunity to push artistic and technical understanding to the next level. He loves to share that joy of excellence through training, mentoring, and contributing to the open-source community.

Fun fact: Eli has always had a passion for making beautiful things, whether it is an eloquent piece of code or a developer or user experience that feels just right. He loves creating software that viewers and users will not easily forget. Eli wants to leave people thinking to themselves; they have witnessed a little bit of magic.

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Eric Sabo

in Hampden/Brooklin

System Administration and generalized Infrastructure-related topics, Scripting Languages such as PHP/Perl/Powershell/Bash, AWS/Cloud Service Implementation

Fun fact: I’m an outdoorsman and a gear head - everything from hunting and fishing to forrestry, and both cars and motorcycles.

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Frederic Viennot


Fred is a software developer specialized in the Drupal content management system. He has advanced knowledge of PHP and JavaScript.

Fun fact: I work from home in Sargentville. I have five chickens, three dogs, and a hundred thousand bees.

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James Rutter

in Deer Isle/Stonington

I have been teaching people of all ages about digital fabrication, engineering, and computer science for the past ten years, and am currently running Haystack Mountain School of Craft's Fab Lab program.

Fun fact: I have a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Education.


Michelle Keyo

in Sedgwick

Websites, web design, enough JavaScript and PHP to troubleshoot and hack, excellent problem solving skills and ace googler

Fun fact: I eloped in Iceland, have successfully wired two houses and faciliate the local Girls Who Code club.

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Todd Gilmour

in In Blue Hill and NYC

Creative direction, content development for digital experiences have been at the core of my career in media at The Wall Street Journal, SmartMoney magazine, and in my collaborative consulting projects. I love collaborating on an idea, from concept to finish.

Fun fact: Vermont-born, Maine-raised, NYC-educated, in my last full-time job I was overseeing creative development across three continents.

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